Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas meats

I left it until the last minute, but today, on Christmas Eve, I started (and finished) a revision of the decorations to Brian's stocking. Some folks who've been reading this blog waaaay toooo long may have a vague memory of our personalized stockings. Fiona's robot decorated stocking is pictured here. Mine has a pile of books; Ian's has a train. And Brian's used to have an assortment of cheeses. But cheese just wasn't right (I think it was just the first word that popped into his head when I asked him what he wanted on his stocking. It could very well have been "pontoon" on a different day.) Don't get me wrong, Brian likes cheese just fine, but he does not fetishize cheese the way he does meat. This is a man who has a "wall of meat" display of weird meat-related items next to his desk at work.

Here's a close up of the meats:
Ham, bacon and sausage (with fluorescent mustard) in a roll. The sausage was by far the hardest to pull off. The meat-man gave an appreciative nod of approval to the alterations.

And today, poking around at the Vault of Midnight, I found the perfect item to stuff in said stocking:
It looks revolting, but will be warmly appreciated.

When it comes to real meat, tomorrow I'll be making a prune stuffed pork loin for Christmas dinner, loosely based on this recipe.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Jeff would love something like that.
Our dog has a personalized stocking. Because his mom is Jewish and his dad is Christian, he gets Hanukkah AND Christmas presents. He is a lucky dog!
Merry Christmas, my friend!!!!
PS: I'd better see your ass over here for dinner in the new year :) :) XXXOOO

Susan W said...

Wow, the meatball gum...that's just, well, absolutely disgusting! I hope Brian loved it :)

Happy new Year to you all!