Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Tantre farm share, week 2

Good thing we like greens over here because whoo boy, the table runneth over with greeny goodness:
From left to right: frilly green lettuce, butter lettuce, (tucked in front) tatsoi, Pink Beauty radishes with ample greens, spicy greens mix with lots of mizuna, 3 big bunches of spinach, peppermint, arugula, asparagus, and spring onions

What I plan to do with the bounty:
  • spinach and green garlic soup (I have a load of green garlic in my garden)
  • spanakopita with some radish greens and mizuna taking the place of some of the spinach
  • lettuce, arugula, radish and spring onion and peppermint leaf salad with feta dressing (see below: really simple, really good). Sarah started chucking whole leaves of mint in her green salads and it is an inspired addition.
  • tatsoi stirfry with tofu, dried shitakes, ginger and garlic
  • Korean scallion and kimchee pancakes with those long spring onion greens
  • raw asparagus with lemon and Parmesan (supposed to be pecorino, but parm will work fine)
  • spinach, barley and ricotta salad
and if that doesn't use all the greens
  • probably some more goma ae with whatever greens are left
  • maybe a quiche with some blanched chopped greens
and if that still doesn't do it, then I'll just blanch and freeze some for use later.

Feta Salad Dressing:
Put about 1 C crumbled feta, 3 T red wine vinegar, 1 T water, 1/2 t dried oregano (or about 2 T fresh oregano), 1/3 C good olive oil and lots of fresh ground black pepper in a food processor or blender. Pulse or blend quickly to combine into a chunky dressing. Don't over blend or the olive oil might take on a bitter flavor. If you want a really smooth dressing, then leave the olive oil out until the last minute and add it at the end.

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Jen said...

Oh, yay, goma ae!

I am so making that this week.

We've been doing a lot of salads, ourselves.

I haven't planned my usage out yet.