Monday, July 02, 2007

19 more days

I haven't yet pre-purchased my copy of the new Harry Potter yet, being somewhat torn between starting the book at midnight but braving the crowds, or starting it at 7:01 am and not having to deal with super craziness (the earlier time means a pick up at one of the big bookstore chains, the later time means picking up at independent little Nicola's Books.) Nocola's has a bagel store right next door which might sway me in its favor.

I am passing the time of ever-increasing anticipation in two ways.

One: I'm reading the first Harry Potter book to the kids this summer. They are both such visual kids that books without pictures are difficult for them; for the first couple of chapters, I kept stopping every few paragraphs to make sure they were following the story. Now that we're underway they seem pretty focused. Fiona has demanded that I read the whole thing with a British accent which is a little tiring, but also kinda fun. Not surprisingly, my kids are crazy about Fred and George, the Weasley twins, great creators of chaos. After reading chapter six to them, I got to hear them repeat (for days) "Aaah, has ickle Ronnie got somefink on his nosie?" which they think is the funniest thing ever!

And two: We're leaving civilization for a week to take the kids on their first backpacking trip so I'll be a little removed from the Potter buzz. The kids have done plenty of back country camping, but it has all been done via canoe and in a canoe you can haul a hell of a lot of crap. So it'll be a bit of an adjustment for them to have to pare down their stuff and even haul some of it. We're going to keep it pretty easy on the hiking front by taking the ferry out to South Manitou Island. I've only been to North Manitou so it'll be new to me too. The only bummer is I haven't been able to find a paperback copy of the Harry Potter book and I don't want to lug the hardback. I know, it isn't a huge book like some of the later volumes, but when it comes to choosing between Harry Potter and the peanut butter in the pack on my back....wait...don't press me on this one....aggggg! I can't choose!

But before we go, I had to indulge a little Pottermania via this meme from Big A, little a:

1. Butterbeer or pumpkin juice?
Butterbeer. I'm not a fan of the smell of raw pumpkin (always makes me gag when we carve them at Halloween) and I imagine that butter beer is kind of like good ginger beer crossed with the flavor of hot buttered rum...

2. What House would you most likely (or want to) be in in Hogwarts?
I'm sure I'd end up in Ravenclaw and I just hope that there are lots of nerds with good senses of humor to keep me company. (In my experience, nerds, when in a safe, pro-nerd environment are pretty damn funny people so I have high hopes.)

3. If you were an animagus, what animal would you turn into?
For some reason a fox comes to mind. My sneaky side perhaps? Or maybe some kind of monkey...

4. What character do you empathize with, or resemble best?
Hermione. Right down to the bushy hair.

5. What position do you play at Quidditch?
I think the Beater position is calling my name. I was always on defense in Field Hockey and whacking the hell out of a ball, without having to worry too much about aim, sounds mighty therapeutic.

6. Which teacher is your favorite?
Remus Lupin when he was the Defense Against the Dark Arts Prof.

7. Any Harry Potter 7 predictions?
I think that Dumbledore is well and truly dead, and I think Snape is one of the characters who will die. I lean towards the "Trust Snape" camp when it comes to whether he is bad or good.

Please consider this an open invitation to respond to the meme! Let me know if you do because each time a read a response, it gets me a little more hyper and excited for July 21st to come round!