Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cool stuff

Random cool stuff:
  • Last.fm radio You type in the name of a musician or group you like and it makes a station with similar artists that you can listen to on-line. This has to be the best way to find new music that suits your particular tastes. This morning I've been listening to a station that branches out from the band Fleet Foxes.
  • Little paper zombies craft for Halloween decorating. I made two of these last night while watching crap tv.
  • New favorite breakfast. Thankfully I still have a load of kale in the garden (and I make this in its most basic form because usually my coffee hasn't quite kicked in yet).
  • There is a sequel to one of my recent favorite children's books, Toys Go Out. I'm looking forward to laying my hands on Toy Dance Party.
  • Purple cauliflower (and cabbage) from the farmer's market. The girl critter picked out the cauliflower and may even agree to eat some of it.