Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cool stuff

Random cool stuff:
  • Last.fm radio You type in the name of a musician or group you like and it makes a station with similar artists that you can listen to on-line. This has to be the best way to find new music that suits your particular tastes. This morning I've been listening to a station that branches out from the band Fleet Foxes.
  • Little paper zombies craft for Halloween decorating. I made two of these last night while watching crap tv.
  • New favorite breakfast. Thankfully I still have a load of kale in the garden (and I make this in its most basic form because usually my coffee hasn't quite kicked in yet).
  • There is a sequel to one of my recent favorite children's books, Toys Go Out. I'm looking forward to laying my hands on Toy Dance Party.
  • Purple cauliflower (and cabbage) from the farmer's market. The girl critter picked out the cauliflower and may even agree to eat some of it.


Jen said...

These are cool things. I'm coveting that cauliflower, in particular, because I have a great cauliflower recipe I want to try, but I have to use up what I have, first.

Anonymous said...

If you have any extra zombies, can I scam one for my classroom?

Anonymous said...


thanks for the link to my zombies, so that i could find your nice blog,

Maggie said...

The zombies look like a lot of fun. I'll have to see if Alex wants to make some tomorrow.

I love kale with a fried egg. You have to try it with sesame oil and kim chee instead of parmesan and prosciutto. That's how I like it.

xxxx said...

whoaa i've never seen that at the farmer's market!!