Friday, October 16, 2009

In which the word "fuck-wit" is exemplified


I am a fuck-wit.

If you don't know what a fuck-wit is, come on over and have a look.

I still can't figure out how I wound up with the only copy of my work-in-progress novel being a version from September 22nd. Somehow all the work I'd done and all the versions saved since then went into the trash and, being a little compulsive (as fuck-wits are) I emptied the trash. Bye bye 3+ weeks of work!

Thank god for Mac Time Machine. It saved my ass, though only after a great deal of psychic pain and self-flagellation and the waste of a good writing day (or, if not a writing day, a good day to go for a walk--sun shining! leaves changing color!) But the fuck-wit was inside grinding her molars down into stumps.

About the only thing I feel proud of today is the fact that I have not turned to the gin (yet). Later, once small people have been toted to piano lessons and other forms of cultural enrichment, I, the fuck-wit, have a date with the gin bottle in the freezer.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tantre farm share, Fall extension, week 1

Bottom row (left to right): big chunk of a massive winter squash, spicy salad mix, turnip greens (and a few wee turnips attached, 1 qt beans, Brussels sprouts, big bunch of parsley
Middle row: beets, onions, purplish broccoli, red peppers, purple potatoes
Top row: Easter egg radishes, bag of spinach, bag of baby greens, Italian kale, carrots, russet potatoes
  • I still have some eggplant and red peppers leftover from last week which, when combined with this weeks' red peppers and onions will become roasted red pepper and eggplant soup. With a salad of spicy greens and Zingerman's farm bread (on sale this month) it should make a comforting meal now that the weather is cold.
  • The broccoli will go into broccoli cheese soup--I might freeze this if we are all souped out from the previous soup.
  • Spanikopita with radish greens, turnip greens, and spinach will make good use of those greens, served with a salad of baby lettuce, parsley and roasted beets.
  • The kids will get homemade pizza while Brian and I have calzones with turkey Italian sausage, feta, kale and roasted red peppers.
  • The radishes were a bit strong when eaten raw last week so this week we'll be eating them cooked--braised radishes to be more specific, served with mashed russet potatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts, and pork chops.
  • The green beans look a little tough, so they'll get slow cooked with a slice of bacon and onions and served with hot sauce.
  • I'm going to steam the big hunk of winter squash and puree it; I'll freeze some and use some in pumpkin turkey chili.