Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Tantre Farm Share, week 10

Top row: 1 quart yukon gold potatoes, swiss chard, green pepper, carrots, lettuce, garlic, eggplant, two (huge) stems of basil
Bottom row: sumer squash, red russian kale, beets, cucumbers, onion, shishito peppers
not pictured: 1 quart red new potatoes 

Menu plan:

  • Tonight I'm going to make a vegetable stew (sort of like a ratatouille but without tomatoes) with eggplant, basil, onion, garlic, a couple of shishito peppers and the big summer squash, maybe a couple of potatoes too if I feel like making it thicker. I'll grate some pecorino over it at the end and serve with baguette. I wish I had some good marinated olives to go with it, but I'm too lazy to go out to the store today.
  • Pasta with a kale/fresh rosemary/garlic/walnut/feta sauce
  • One cucumber will be diced and mixed into drained plain yogurt with some crushed garlic, salt and pepper. I can eat this by the bowlful on its own but will probably make some of Fiona's favorite lamb patties to go with it, make a simple beet vinaigrette salad and serve it all with fresh pita.
  • Some of the potatoes, the three small summer squash and some basil will go into this gratin. I made a half-sized recipe of this with some of the extra squash last week and Brian and I almost licked the pan out. I'll probably just saute up the chard with garlic as a side dish and make some sort of simple meat protein (chicken breasts or pork tenderloin) to serve with it.
  • Brian is off on a work trip for most of the week so that calls for one cucumber to go into a single girl's rice bowl (while I make something bland and boring for the critters).
  • Lettuce, carrotscucumber and green pepper will become basic salad. If we're in need of a main course I might boil up some potatoes, hard cook and egg or two and open a can of tuna in olive oil and make it into a big main course salad.
  • I haven't decided what to do with the other shishito peppers yet.