Friday, March 27, 2009

A boost even when you don't think you need it

I've had a terrific morning--kids went off to school with no early morning grumpitude, sun is shining, and I have got a good start on the writing without excessive abuse of caffeine and carbohydrates. But what took the morning from good to great was watching this video:

Just go look. I bet it has the power to transform a shitty morning too.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


You folks have been a great source of advice--I really appreciate the recent CSA advice and thought I'd try out another realm: technology.

Can someone explain to me how they use Facebook?

I signed up for it recently because I was searching for some information about some teachers who work at a summer camp I was considering for my kids (and I did get a much better feel for the teachers in question and whether they'd be a good fit for my kids). And then I forgot about it for a few weeks.

But then I got an email message via Facebook from a long-lost-friend from undergrad. And that is great! It makes me really happy to reconnect with some people from my past (of course there are a number of other people with whom I would prefer not to reconnect; I shall dub them the "undesirables".)

I went back into my profile and put in a link to this blog. And Facebook pointed out a whole bunch of people who I could "friend" some of whom I actually do consider friends! And very few "undesirables"!

But I don't want to sink a lot of time into Facebook--I prefer to stay focused here. I have no problem keeping it up as a bridge to this blog, but is that a good use of it? Is there something I'm missing? or some use of Facebook that you've found that is particularly helpful and unique?

Advice welcomed.