Monday, April 04, 2005

Chez Moi….

The fridge has been restocked and it is time to start cooking again after my week off!

I woke my son up with these relatively healthy banana muffins (part whole wheat flour, lots of wheat germ, and yes, some chocolate chips for the under-5 picky eater set).

It’s Indian food for dinner tonight:
A north Indian Chicken Curry recipe that I got out of Fine Cooking back when I still subscribed to it and probably the stewed Indian Green beans from Madhur Jaffrey’s great book Quick and Easy Indian Cooking (minus the mushrooms she calls for), raita and some plain basmati rice.

Later this week I’ll try the scallops with soba noodles recipe (I got to the Asian food store for the soba noodles over the weekend, but still need to track down the scallops).

What are you cooking? Inspire me.


Sandy J said...

LoL, I've been reading your weblog for a week or so, and I think it's more like YOU inspire ME. I cook only for myself, and it's easy to fall into a rut. Even when I do cook, you have to put up with lots of leftovers, so you're never cooking as often. *sighs*

But I was planning to make some banana muffins or banana bread tonight as well - I have some bananas that sorely need to be used. Should be fun. :)

Ami said...

John and I mixed up the avocado dressing recipe published in Cook's Illustrated this month. Very yummy. And I'm hoping to bake the oatmeal-chocolate chip-pecan-sun dried cherry cookies, also featured in CI this month. Aside from that, we're not cooking many inspired dishes of late. So keep posting and keep us inspired, as Sandy says.

Susan W said...

Let's see...first off, would love to get your recipe for the banana muffins - sound yummy and healthy. Always a good combo.

I made the apple cake from Cook's Country a few weeks back and that was absolutely delectable. Mmmmm... dinners have been a bit uninspired, I desperately need to get to the store. Last night was crabcakes and couscous with peas and broccoli. Somewhat odd combination but it worked.

I think tonight it will be turkey chilli with tons of veggies and beans - easy and sort of a dump of all the leftovers I have in the fridge! Maybe I'll make some homemade cornbread to go with it.

Annie said...

I'll second the request for the muffin recipes. Elliot loves muffins (making them and eating them) do I.