Monday, April 18, 2005

Honey Theme

We've got ourselves a honey theme here today. Brian came back from Arizona last night with the four jars pictured below nestled into his shoes in his luggage.

It seems that he is of the opinion that we do have enough pantry space to start our honey collection. Pictured above are Orange Blossom, Mesquite, Wildflower and Catclaw which will be added to the Sourwood and Raspberry honey that we already have in the house. So I have a question for you--what is the best medium for a side-by-side honey tasting? Normally I'd nominate one of my top 10 foods, whole-wheat toast, but for some reason, I don't think it will highlight the subtle differences of each honey. My blood-sugar can't handle straight from the jar via spoon tasting. What would you use--squares of plain white bread? apple slices? small bowls of plain oatmeal?

Going along with the honey theme, I finished my cardigan this weekend. I've decided that it is honey-colored rather than mustard-colored. You can see the slightly stumpy 3/4 sleeves I had to go with in the picture below.

Thankfully, it doesn't bother me much when I put it on since I always shove my sleeves up anyway. I made the buttons out of shrinky-dinks and am currently polling to see if I should keep them or go with something a little classier that I'd buy at the store (mother of pearl? wood?). Here is a close-up of the buttons (and the gorgeous handspun kid-mohair) so you can tell me what you think.

The cardigan strikes me as not quite funky enough for the buttons which are plastic and, when seen in person, do look kind of shiny. Brian voted for keeping the shrinky-dink buttons and I am on the fence, so weigh in with your opinion.

Next up on the knitting front: I vow here that I will finish the yellow baby sweater that I started ages ago before starting on something new. All that remains are the sleeves and I should be able to knock them out this week. What I'm looking forward to starting are 1) my first pair of socks and 2) some sort of scarf made with some beautiful mohair I bought on a whim--I plan to play around with all the tempting ideas in the Knitting on the Edge book that my friend Lynne so generously gave me. 3) more tampon holders made from stash yarn.


Annie said...

I love the Shrinky-Dink buttons! And 3/4 length sleeves are so practical (as well as pretty). I hope to someday be able to make a sweater; can't wait to see your next project!

John said...

You'll have to go to the Chelsea Fair and check out the Blue Ribbon winners for honey this summer. Usually the winning honey can be found at the farmers roadside stand.