Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I'm getting hooked on these interludes...

Interlude of the day: take a look at this blog entry at The Panopticon for a hilarious cartoon of man-vs.-sweater.

Yesterday evening I intended to go to my knitting group, but then realized that I had screwed up the Ribby Cardigan for about the 18th time. So I ripped it out back down to the armhole decreases (again) and resigned myself to knitting the top portion the way it is written in the pattern--fronts, arms and backs separate and then sewn together along the raglan seams. I am definitely not smart enough to modify this pattern in its entirety from flat to round (though I still am pleased that I won't have to seam the sides and arm lengths). When it came time to leave to go down to Sweetwaters Cafe I was ensnared in a huge tangle of wool (see photo number 9 from The Panopticon's cartoon) that had to be tamed and kept me home.

It was a good thing I did rip it out because I discovered that I had been really sloppy when it came to putting the stitches back on the needles the last time I ripped it. One side was about 4 stitches shorter than the other. Did I forget to count? Yup, looks that way!

While watching House last night (my Hugh Laurie crush deepens) I discovered that following a pattern can be much easier than struggling with your own interpretation.I think I'll leave improvisation to the kitchen for the time being. I almost finished the left front side of the cardigan and only screwed up (or only noticed that I'd screwed up) once doing a K2tog rather than a SSK (blame Hugh for distracting me).

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Anonymous said...

Julio Cortazar has a short story about a man getting stuck in a sweater; I'll try to find it for you!