Thursday, September 08, 2005

I've been holding this in

I know that no one looks to this blog for political opinions or commentary on the state of the world (in fact, I assume most people come here to take a break from the brutal reality), but I just heard an editorial about Katrina and the government that I have to pass on.

The video of the editorial is here at onegoodmove.

I'm trying to find out when Katrina refugees will be arriving in Ann Arbor and settled into the (at least) 100 apartments that McKinly is making available in our area. I know refugees arrived in Battle Creek on Monday and will be dispersed in the coming week. I'm checking this web site regularly to find out when local volunteers will be needed and what we can do.

My response to crisis is always to turn to my kitchen and figure out how to cook my way out of it, or at least to offer food as a comfort through hard times. I may not have lots of money to replace material things that these people lost, (and unfortunately I can't follow Kim's example and volunteer to go where ever Red Cross needs people most for two weeks) but damn it, I can cook. I know that organizations like Food Gatherers and the like will be providing refugees with food so I'm hoping that I can find a way to be involved in that. Maybe I can get together a team of the good cooks I know and prepare large quantities of transportable food to reach out to these people and let them know they are welcome in our community.

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