Friday, January 06, 2006

Busy hands, though not in the kitchen...

I haven't been cooking or knitting as much as I'd like (I still read folks, or else I'd be locked up in the loony bin. Writing? Ha! You try writing when the cruel AA school district decides to put off starting classes until January 9th).

However, I have been keeping my hands occupied making this:
and helping Ian make this:
to hold this:
so that the tooth fairy will find this:
(We decided on red and silver glitter to attract the tooth fairy to the prize.)
and leave this newly gap-toothed boy some money.
If you too are in need of a Tooth Fairy Gazebo and Sign, or other wonderful, free printable, foldable boxes and toys, visit The Toymaker.

I am planning to do some non-subsistence cooking soon and thankfully the January 2006 issue of Gourmet rocks in the recipe department. Some of the recipes serve as reminders of things that I've made in the past and haven't thought of it a while (pork loin stuffed with prunes) and others are things I've never tried making (the fabulously named Eggplant Kuku for instance).

So here's what my upcoming recipe list looks like:
Watch this space to see if any, or all, are worth the effort.


Anonymous said...

We love the toymaker! Try the balancing butterflies.

And have I mentioned that we live a mile from Eden Center, a Vietnamese shopping mall which boasts not one but two of the Washingtonian's top 100 restaurants (and those aren't just the cheap ones, either)? Next time you want really good pho, you know where to get it!

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing about the January gourmet. I flipped through it with a pen, circling the recipes to try -- including the carrot/ginger dressing and chocolate souffle cake. Chicken cacciatore is also on the list. It sure makes up for the December issue, which was 75 percent cookies, and I'm not that into Christmas cookies.