Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sew it up

I've been knitting a fair amount lately, all of it for small people. It has been a while since I knitted a baby sweater and I'd forgotten how satisfying it is to finish a project in a relatively small amount of time. Now I have a significant amount of sewing and blocking to do.

My daughter's preschool is having a fundraising auction in November and I made this to be auctioned off:
It's the reverse colors from the sweater I made for Jonathan (more of a kelly green than the borderline-tealish color above).

I also made another baby sweater for the auction, but I can't decide whether to donate it or not. Here it is in pieces:
And all that seems relatively well and good. But I was a little spacey when I made this sweater and didn't notice that I was using lavender yarn from two different dye lots. Once I was done I looked at the front and saw this:
Can you see the color break in the bottom lavender row? It shifts from being a slightly bluer lavender to a slightly pinker lavender. I don't have any way of correcting the mistake since I ran out of both the bluer and the pinker yarn. And I just don't feel great about submitting something for auction that has a flaw smack dab in the front right side of the cardigan. I'm thinking maybe I should just gift it to a friend whose sister is having a baby girl in December and knit up something else for the school auction. But I really want to work on my red sweater; now that it is getting chilly again and the days have been so gloomy, I am eager to finish the big cozy, cheery thing.

So it comes down to selflessness vs. selfishness (again...). What would you do?

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Anonymous said...

Okay, the red sweater is gorgeous: as a non-knitter, I think cables are a little like magic. I would auction the stripy sweater--the color change just adds to its handmade charm.

Oh, and Axel will be back in Ann Arbor for the winter semester. This time the kids and I will come visit him--we'd like to come out for a week in January, and another week in February or March. I would love to catch up with you then! Maybe you could even teach me to knit.