Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tantre farm share, week 12 (and 1 interloper)

Bottom-ish row, left to right: Red Haven peaches (interloper), 7 ears of corn, 2 qts beans, 3 cucumbers basil, red onions.
Top-ish row: 2 qts potatoes, carrots, snow leopard honeydew melon, 3 tomatoes, big bag of broccoli crowns, beets (no greens), 8 summer squash, 2 heads of lettuce, chives

  • Tonight we're having an all-American dinner: grilled chicken drumsticks, potato salad with chives, corn on the cob, tarragon cucumber pickles and peach pie.
  • Some form of corn soup--either corn potato basil chowder or Tammy's lovely sounding silky corn soup (see the comments for the recipe) which I might try chilled, depending on the whether it is stinking hot or not; served with the broccoli/chick pea/red onion salad I made a couple of weeks ago and loved.
  • 1 tomato will go into a potato-summer squash gratin: I'll use the mandoline to slice the potatoes and squash paper thin and then layer them with the tomatoes and some cheddar and chives. It'll be loosely based on the goat cheese-potato-summer squash gratin I made couple of weeks ago and loved.
  • The other two tomatoes will go into salads with the lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, beets, feta and some blanched green beans.
The menu is brief this week because on Friday I'm going to have to go through what is left and either blanch and freeze it, or give it away. I'm leaving on Saturday to take the critters to visit my sister in Massachusetts so this means that next week I'll miss out on the bounty. My parents will be picking up and consuming my share which should be a bit of a (hopefully fun) shock to their cooking habits!


Jen said...

We had the corn tonight, a cream of broccoli soup from the broccoli and a chocolate cake made from beets. Dinner was awesome.

Enjoy your trip!

Anonymous said...

Have a great vacation.

I leave for Cross Village, MI in 20 hours. Can't wait to leave the A2.

Kitchen Chick said...

I hope you get to enjoy some great East coast seafood while you're out there!

Karlynn said...

The corn soup idea sounds fantastic, thanks for the link! Alas, I cannot eat broccoli, it hates me, but that salad sounds soooo good!

Gorgeous post picture, by the way, very nice lighting in it :)