Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tantre farm share, Fall Extension, week 2

Bottom row (left to right): red onions, Easter egg radishes, spicy greens, arugula, wee red peppers, garlic, hot peppers
Middle row: kohlrabi, sweet potatoes and yams, salad greens, fingerling potatoes, delicata squash
Top row: shell beans, carrots, some sort of Asian greens, huge cabbage, huge bunch of kale

Next week is the last week for my Tantre farm share (since I chose to do the 3 week extension) and that's a good thing, because for the first time, when I picked up my box yesterday and unpacked the contents, I felt tired. No thrill of excitement when I saw all the pretty vegetables, just a weariness that I'd have to do something with all of them.

I think my burn out has to do with my non-summer cooking habits and moods. I tend to get a wee bit reclusive in the darker months and I think that my flexibility suffers as well. In the summertime, I'm game to try anything--why not? The sun is shining! The world is beautiful! I can do anything (within reason and only in the kitchen)! But my autumnal self really wants what she wants and this week I want to make roasted cauliflower with tahini sauce this week. While there are a ton of brassicas in this week's share, there isn't any cauliflower. And that is making me feel a bit cranky.

So this week's recipes and plan may not be terribly inspired. I'm going to make and freeze some stuff so we have a stash of things to pull out on those evenings when I'm on the run. And since Sarah is hosting an Oktoberfest party this weekend, I'll use up a significant amount of the above by pushing my produce on other people.
  • kale and apple soup (to be frozen)
  • kale and potato gratin (there's A LOT of kale) served with turkey burgers
  • EZ part (i.e. make other people eat the stuff)--the cabbage will get sauteed with apples and caraway seeds for the Oktoberfest party. (I'll also be bringing a salad with the arugula, salad greens, carrots, red peppers, radishes and red onions, some of my homemade sauerkraut and lots of pretzel dough so people can shape and bake their own pretzels.)
  • Shelling beans will be sauteed with garlic and olive oil and served as a side with homemade mac and cheese (with some of last week's pureed squash sneaked into the cheese sauce).
  • Marinated, pan fried tofu slabs with stir fried Asian greens with garlic, and some brown rice.
  • I'm going to shove the rest of the potatoes, the sweet potatoes, yams and winter squash in a dark cupboard and ignore them for a week or so.
  • I'll slice and freeze the jalapeno peppers. They'll be good for Indian cooking this winter where the texture isn't as essential.
  • Anyone want a kohlrabi? I can leave it on a doorstep if you live nearby...or we can play kohlrabi catch if you're passing by in your car (if I can whack a bat out of my bedroom window with a tennis racket, I should be able to pitch this into the open window of a slow moving car.)


Sun Runner said...

I know what you mean about share box fatigue...I'm there myself.

I have someone coming to spend 3 nights at my house so I will have ample opportunity to use up a LOT of this week's veggies on some big healthy meals.

As for the kohlrabi, I've found I can slip it into a veggie stir-fry for extra bulk without much taste. The thing is mostly water, as far as I can tell.

Stella said...

Hi, Kate. I just wanted to let you know that I love reading your blog so much, I gave it an award. You can check it out over at my blog!

Edward Vielmetti said...

Kate, have you thought about pickling the kohlrabi? I would guess that it would take to a sauerkraut-style treatment, and that would make it more pleasant to eat.

Here's a pickled kohlrabi chinese style recipe as a possible start.