Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The picky eater chronicles continue...

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Yesterday Ian got a good firm talking-to by his doctor about diversifying his eating choices so after the appointment we headed to the produce section of the grocery store for each kid to pick out a fresh fruit or vegetable they don't usually eat (which leaves pretty much everything but the apple aisle in play for Ian with the carrot section added for Fiona).

Ian picked out a big hunk of watermelon and Fiona picked out a star fruit. I don't know if there were any two fruits more out-of-season and non-local that the kids could possibly pick, but one battle at a time.

And through a great deal of wheedling, I got Ian to try the star fruit--and he liked it! And not for the novelty shape factor (which is why Fiona chose it--she took one bite and looked like she was going to hurl). Both kids ate some watermelon at dinner and Fiona even asked for seconds.

This small success balances out the fact that when Ian tried a spoonful of my red lentil soup on Sunday, he ran to the garbage can, spit it out and rinsed out his mouth with water at the sink with a great deal of theatrical spitting.


Emily said...

I am so sorry Katy!
But that is really funny.
Lots of good fruit in Thailand; Rose apple kids would like as well as rambutans and lychees.

Tricia said...

Hey, watermelon are in season in south Texas or Mexico or somewhere... :^) But yeah, I hear you. Ian's classmate (the one that lives in my house) insisted on pineapple the other day. He single-mouthedly ate the entire thing in 3 sittings, so I shouldn't complain. What I should try is see if he'll eat canned pineapple...