Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Green season is here again! (Tantre Farm Share, week 1)

From (vaguely) left to right: radishes, scallions, asparagus, turnips, spinach, garlic scapes, three heads of lettuce, spicy greens mix, tatsoi, black stemmed peppermint

Menu Plan
  • Tonight I'll be using the turnip greens and a couple of garlic scapes to make this Turnip Green Tart and some of the green frilly lettuce, radishes and scallions will be assembled into a salad.
  • I'll use the other garlic scapes (and add in the radish tops) to this garlic scape spaghetti carbonara. I like that it uses whole wheat pasta and I have some good eggs from the farmer's market too. Braised turnips will make a good side.
  • Red and green lettuce, scallions, and radishes will be the base for a chicken Greek salad. I found some reasonably flavorful beets at the supermarket this week to add in. If I get my act together and remember early enough in the day (and if it isn't stinking hot out) I'll try and make some fresh bread to go with it.
  • I'll assemble a bi bim bop-ish variation with stir fried spicy greens mix, scallions, beef, eggs, carrots and the spinach transformed into goma ae.
  • I'll sub out the red pepper for tatsoi in this soba noodles with asparagus (and scallions) recipe.
  • The peppermint will get hot water dumped over it to infuse for peppermint iced tea. It is infinitely more refreshing that making it from dried.

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sweetbird said...

Oh my - all that green makes me happy! I can't wait till I'm in an area long enough to subscribe to a CSA again.