Wednesday, June 09, 2010

If you thought last week was green....(Tantre Farm Share, week 2)

From left to right: (bottom row) scallions, radishes, turnips, garlic scapes, arugula, thyme, peppermint, oregano
(top row) three heads of lettuce, two huge bunches of spinach, quart of strawberries

The green just keep on coming! Reporting back from last week's menu: the Turnip Greens Tart was a real winner--I liked it so much I made it twice (I also had some turnip thinnings from my garden to use up for the second tart). I tried it once with the cornmeal tart crust in the recipe, and once with a simple whole wheat pie crust (I preferred the latter). If you are trying to figure out what to do with your turnip greens this week, the greens from this bunch would make one tart.

Menu plan:
  • Homemade pizza with mozzarella, garlic scapes and oregano, topped with arugula and shaved Parmesan when it comes out of the oven and drizzled with olive oil and balsamic.
  • Spanakopita with the spinach, oregano and scallions, and a salad with the lettuce and radishes. It looks like a ton of spinach, but I know it loses volume when cooked down, so if I need more greens I'll toss in the radish tops.
  • Garlic scape pesto on orecchiette pasta with sugar snap peas (recipe came in the CSA newsletter).
  • Peppermint iced tea
  • It's a little chilly out this week so I'm thinking that a big bowl of Pho-style noodle soup would be good with turnips, turnip greens and scallions in a star anise, ginger, lime broth topped with sliced jalapenos, cilantro and mint. No recipe yet, just an idea...
  • Strawberries to be gobbled straight and fresh!
  • Haven't decided what to do with the thyme yet...maybe I'll dry it if I don't think of something. Send suggestions if you have good thyme-heavy recipes!

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Nita Dickerson said...

In the past I have soaked my thyme for 20 min. in water and used it under a butterflied chicken on the grill it produced an amazingly flavorful bird. Putting sliced lemons under the skin, and salt and pepper as usual, brief rub of olive oil.