Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tantre Farm Share, week 4

Clockwise from bottom center: turnips, quart Chinese pea pods, chives, spinach, bok choi, 4 heads of lettuce, English peas, scallions, broccoli

Menu plan:
  • The lettuce and a few scallions will make some lunch-time salads. Lately I've been making a sweet and tangy vinaigrette with some muscat vinegar from Morgan and York, Spanish olive oil from Sparrow, a glob of Michigan honey, salt, pepper and a little dijon. It's pretty basic, but doesn't overpower these soft lettuces.
  • Some of the pea pods will get combined in a stir fry with the bok choi, some sliced chicken, ginger and scallions.
  • The spinach will go into goma ae (I know, again, but we're still not sick of it)
  • Turnip greens and shelled peas get tossed in for the last few seconds of cooking with pasta, then tossed with the leftover frozen pesto from last year (I've got to clear out last year's supply before the basil starts rolling in!)
  • The broccoli and the rest of the pea pods (and probably some scallions too) will go into this Miso vegetables with Tofu recipe which I'll serve with brown rice.
  • I'll use the chives in soft scrambled eggs, a combination I love, particularly with some good, dense, multigrain toast and a mug of strong black coffee.
  • I haven't decided what to do with the turnips. I tried grilling them the other day (tossed with olive oil, salt and pepper and drizzled with a little balsamic when they came off) with some other vegetables and they turned out pretty well, so if we're firing up the grill I'll probably do that again.


Emily said...

An idea for your turnips: Japanese do turnips really well. A simple recipe is to cut them in hunks and stew them in a mixture of soy sauce, mirin, etc. I have a recipe at home, but if you google it you may find a start for the sauce. They are a great side dish, hot or cold.

Kate said...

Oh yum, I've had those in restaurants! Thanks, Em! I'll give it a try at home.