Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tantre Farm Share, week 17

Top row: Basil, radishes, onions, broccoli rabe?, Italian kale
Bottom row: purple potatoes, carrots, butternut squash, purple and yellow beans, salad mix, tomatoes, sorrel

Maybe I'm just feeling curmudgeonly but for this time of year, this week and last week's shares have seemed smaller than I'd expect. Two tomatoes? That's it? Isn't September tomato bounty time in Michigan? It's a good thing I'm not trying to provide vegetables for 4 humans since my kids remain ridiculously picky and will just nibble the occasional carrot or cucumber slice. But even so, there isn't enough there to last a week.

Here's the (grumpy) menu plan:

  • That's supposed to be  broccoli rabe (according to the Tantre share email) but it looks a lot more like turnip greens to me... I haven't made spanikopita since spring so I'll probably use the rabe/turnip greens, radish greens and maybe the kale too to make one.
  • Roasted vegetables: butternut squash, purple potatoes, onion and garlic. Maybe topped with feta and maybe accompanied by a roast chicken (if I'm up to wrestling a raw chicken into submission).
  • Salad with salad mix, tomatoes, carrots and radishes, hard cooked eggs, blanched purple and yellow beans and some tuna.
  • Thai chicken with basil (from this general recipe) with lots of purple and yellow beans added to the mix. Rice on the side.
And that about does it for the week...really, only four meals? 


Sarah said...

yep. The week you got 5 tomatoes, i only got 3, so we'll see what I pull in this weekend.

I was expecting way more in the tomato world.

Generally, you have gotten more stuff than I, I think, if that makes you a wee less grumpy.

Kate said...

Sarah, do you do a Saturday pick up? I'm wondering if they added way more members this year and didn't correctly estimate the capacity for planting. I could see that particularly being the case for Saturday pick ups which I think are more popular than Wednesday.

Stephanie said...

There may not be as much as you hoped, but it's all wonderful fresh food. We've had lots of tomatoes here in France this year, but not much else! I'm very envious of all that variety you have there. Oh, for a butternut squash - they are so delicious!