Friday, October 14, 2011

Tantre Farm Share, week 20

Top row: bag of baby lettuce, bag of spinach, three onions, two sweet potatoes, garlic, carrots, broccoli rabe
Middle row: melon, dumpling squash, delicata squash, red potatoes, hot peppers
Bottom row: arugula, shitake mushrooms, broccoli florets, sorrel, green beans, turnips and greens

Brian just left town for a week which is crummy timing for the last share. So some of this will get blanched and frozen and some of the stuff that will last like potatoes and squash will be set aside until my dinner (and life) partner returns.  I eat a lot of vegetable, but even so, I think I'd have to be eating round the clock to consume all this myself before it starts to spoil.

Menu plan:
  • peanut sauce with brown rice, tofu and steamed vegetables: broccoli, beans, carrots, sweet potato and spinach
  • salad w/arugula, lettuce, and carrots for lunch through the week 
  • scrambled eggs with shitake and sorrel, whole grain toast
  • broccoli rabe, turnip greens and some of the green beans will be blanched and frozen
  • sweet dumpling squash will be stuffed and baked with quinoa, feta, walnuts, scallions and dried cranberries, served with either steamed broccoli or green beans
  • spinach will be blanched then sauteed with plenty of garlic and used to top cheese ravioli

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Anonymous said...

Now that it's starting to get cold outside, how about some updates on your knitting projects?

I sure would like your recipe for making those cute sanitary napkin purses. They would make great holiday gifts.

Hope you publish again soon. . .