Saturday, June 11, 2016

Week 3

This week's share is a bit better than last week's skimpy offerings: (from left: small head of lettuce, some kale, garlic scapes, spring mix, lemon balm, butter lettuce, asparagus, thyme


  • garlic scape pesto. Thankfully I have a whole bag of garlic scapes that my mom gave me to supplement the farm-share ones. Some will be consumed with pasta and the asparagus, the rest frozen in ice cube trays to be enjoyed in the depths of winter.
  • Just enough kale to make the kids some kale chips.
  • I'll make some iced tea with lemon balm; since it's going to get into the 90s today that'll be a nice way to stay hydrated.
  • I'm still enjoying the homemade yogurt salad dressing I posted last week so this week's version will have the thyme chucked in. I'll get two, maybe three salads out of the farm share lettuce if I supplement it with lots of extra vegetables.

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