Thursday, March 10, 2005

getting started

I need a little discipline in my life so here goes my ramblings on the things that seem to occupy me when not kid-wrangling...

What I'm reading right now:
Jane Smiley Good Faith, only on chapter 2, so-so so far (not terrific from the beginning like some of Smiley's other books.)

I'm also in the process of reading the following but for various reasons (my mood or attention span, the book's flaws) have put on hold:
Imagined London (in progress)
Brick Lane (in progress)
Dreams from My Father (in progress)

What I've read since the beginning of 2005:
Toast—Nigel Slater
Song of Solomon—Toni Morrison
House of Blue Light—David Kirby
The Traveling Library—David Kirby
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time—Mark Haddon
The Warden—Trollope
Barchester Towers—Trollope
The Madness of Love—Katharine Davies

What's for dinner?
Probably leftover chicken and sesame noodles from Cook's Illustrated--I made a ton yesterday.

What I'm knitting:
Still working on the mustard colored sweater for myself, also on the little yellow baby sweater (need to do the sleeves). I'll post some pics soon.

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Susan R said...

I have to say - I read "Curious Incident...." earlier this year and was rather unimpressed. It is a quick read and entertaining but for whatever reason it did not transport me into the story. I don't know if it was the writer's style or the story itself but I read through to finish the book rather than find out where the story went.