Friday, April 15, 2005

Crochet question

The mustard sweater finally gets a little attention

I have a crochet question for all the multi-talented fiber-fiends out there--how the heck do you travel with crochet and keep it from popping off the hook and unraveling? Last night Sarah and Brian and Nicholaus kindly had me and my brood over for dinner and some insane-play-kid-time and in the midst of 3 very happy kids making a racket I managed to start the crochet on the edge of the much-neglected mustard sweater. I'm really unsure about crochet, but managed the above on the edge of a sleeve. I started doing the same on the bottom edge of the sweater, but only got a little way before the critters needed to be packed up and sent off to sleepy-land. This morning when I pulled the sweater out I unraveled half of the crochet I put in last night. So is there some trick I don't know to keep the crochet on the hook and prevent unintentional unraveling?

I really like the green kid-mohair that I'm using for the edging. I bought it at Spinner's Flock a few years ago. The small quantity made it a challenge to find a worthy use for it.

The will-power question of the day is: will I be able to stay away from the Flying Sheep yarn store today where they have sale of 35% off of all Rowan yarn? With the husband out of town for the week, I could really use a little yarn-therapy...


Annie said...

This is probably not the right way to do it, but I just make the loop on the hook really really big and then clip an earring, I mean stitch holder, to it.

I learned to crochet from my grandma, and find it so much easier than knitting. I'm a book-taught knitter, so maybe that's the difference.

The sweater sleeve and edge trim look beautiful!

Kate said...

Brilliant! Thanks for the tip! My feelings about knitting vs crochet are totally the reverse--when I crochet I hunch up my shoulders, stick my tongue out and generally look like a ball of tension. I feel so helpless without a second needle! I guess it all comes down to which one you learn first.

freddyknits said...

Don't worry at all about leaving it on the hook - as annie said, just make the loop really big, &/or stick something on the loop like a safety pin or stitch marker.

Your crochet looks beautiful by the way.

You have to go to Flying Sheep - they have Cork on sale, and I KNOW you are a sucker for soft wool.