Saturday, April 16, 2005

Hi Honey

This week my favorite treat/salvation-when-the-blood-sugar-starts-to-plummet has been plain Greek yogurt with walnuts and honey. That's the full-fat stuff pictured above though the low-fat stuff is fine too, if you aren't in need of having your extra-creamy pleasure-center stimulated at the moment. Lately I've been using some terrific Sourwood honey I bought on my friend Jen's recommendation while down in North Carolina. If I had a little more pantry space I'd probably start collecting honey; it is awfully fun to sample the subtle differences in the varieties and gives one many excuses to eat hot buttered toast slathered with the stuff. I'd say the sourwood honey is a bit more astringent (a fancy word for the obvious "sour") than our usual house honey: raspberry honey that they sell at Makielski's berry farm out on Platt Road.

I'm already a bit of a mustard collecting addict, a hobby I know Ed also enjoys, and I dream of getting a fridge with more condiment shelves to house my collection. Actually I dream of getting a new fridge regularly because it is the only appliance I currently have that doesn't work well--it keeps freezing stuff on the bottom shelf, no matter what the warmness setting. The latest victim was a nice bunch of asparagus (I know, it should have been in the produce drawers, but they are just too darn small for the quantity of produce I like to have in the house). I'm trying to think of a good name for the fridge. Yes, we are a household that names machines. My evil old stove was called "the inferno" since it had two settings--"off" and "burn". What do you think I should call the fridge--Iceman? The Frigid One? Mean-Mr.-Icy (sung to the tune of The Beatles' Mean Mr Mustard)? Suggestions anyone? I've found that tolerating an inferior appliance is much easier when you can insult it by name.


Edward Vielmetti said...

We never named the whole fridge, but some parts of it got their own individual names - "the rotter" was the vegetable bin because it never did anything to keep the veggies fresh.

I love the name for fridge in German - Kuehlschrank - "cold cupboard".

Mustard in the US comes in jars that are just too big. I recall German mustard (Senf) that came in squeeze tubes kind of like toothpaste tubes, which seemed to keep better and not get all dry and crusty when they are half empty.

Susan W said...

Kate - my fridge has a similar issue of freezing things on the top shelf! I haven't found a leak and have tried various settings and yet I continue to find milk with ice floaties and other items ruined due to freezing. Last week it was some Basil for me that was sadly destroyed before it could be made into pesto... I too have the issue of not enough space in the veggie bins.

Names, hmmm, for some reason all I can think of are "hero/villan names" I think it's becuase we watched "The Incredibles" last night. Iceman...the freeze...Mr. Deep (for deep freeze)...good luck!