Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The goofy gloves are finally done!

The gloves like the outdoors.
I finally finished one of my many works in progress. And boy are they ever goofy! I tried to get Fiona to model them for me, but they are too scary for the 2 year old--she ran away. They are very, very soft and I particularly like the extra long wavy wrist portion since I hate a cold draft floating up my sleeves.

I managed to finish them because, horror of horrors for a food addict like me, I have a stomach bug that has made me weak and wobbly today. It has granted me time to knit, but that is little comfort for the diet of tea, toast and ginger ale that I'm stuck with. Sorry to say, this is going to delay the posting of those vacation photos of nice food--just looking at them, much less describing them, right now would not be a good idea...

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Edward Vielmetti said...

I remember having warm Vernor's as a kid as a stomach soother - the old style Vernor's of course which had more of a kick to it.