Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I got nothin' to talk about worth using up space here except for a fantastic new drink that Sarah introduced our book group to: Ouzo and Pink Grapefruit juice. Fan-bloody-tastic.

So go out, get yourself the two ingredients (try and get the kind of ruby red juice that is combined with other juice concentrates rather than high fructose cornsyrup--look in the natural foods section of the market) and some ice cubes and while you are sipping away at your lovely anise-grapefruity combo, I give you a couple of links to blogs that are helping me get through this week of single parenthood--escapism, humor, even a little inspiration for when life gets back to normal.

  • Monster Crochet--her fantastic crocheted T-bone steaks with eyeballs have to be seen to be believed. I wonder if I could knit a T-bone...
  • Pandafix--because in the depths of winter, watching fuzzy bamboo eaters is almost as good as the sun.
  • Nixie Knox the Tatooed Librarian--with a name like that, you really must visit. And she's local.
  • Go Fug Yourself--because laughing at celebrities (even celebrities who you are too unhip to even recognize as celebrities...) can make you feel better about yourself. And how can you resist copy like this in which Katie Holmes is described as "leech on a man-alien, incubator to the Rambaldi baby (or whatever that thing is in there), and altogether pitiable pregnant lady who just makes us all hurt a bit for how miserable she's going to be soon"?
  • Cute Overload--I know, "Cute" and "Kate" rarely occur in the same sentence, but if you are desperate for something to make you smile, try this site.
  • damn funny writing.

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