Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Note to self

Staying at home and indulging in, say, $900 worth of massages, wine and babysitters, would be a better way to get through winter (and the school break) than to spend that money on airfare.

We had a dickens of a trip to visit Brian in AZ (he's on a two-week work trip). Silly us, we thought it would be "fun" to break up the daddy-drought and go someplace sunny for a few days of Ian's school break. Both kids got sick (again). Ian was screaming in pain from pressure in his ear on Saturday (we drove to the top of a small mountain and the change in pressure triggered it) and then Saturday night (and Sunday night and last night too) Fiona spiked a fever. She's a mess--hasn't been eating, won't take Tylenol (every night she and I have a massive wrestling match to get her fever lower including sticking her in a bathtub of cold water--you could hear the screams for miles--but at least after that she took her damn medicine.)

To add to the "pleasure factor" of our (ha!) vacation, our flight out on Wednesday evening was delayed 4 hours--they boarded us, pushed away from the gate, went back to the gate, got us off the plane, put us back on the same plane, pushed away from the gate again, went back again, got us off the plane and then finally put us on a different plane. All after the kids' bedtimes. We finally got to AZ at 4 AM (their time--6 AM here) and Ian was so exhausted he promptly threw up.

Yes, the sun was shining and both my kids looked like little moles squinting up at the sky and complaining about how bright it was. There were moments between bouts of sickness where things went ok--a trip to a science museum, a 4 hour playground visit where the kids were overjoyed to be playing outside--but all in all, a vacation I'd prefer to forget.

God it feels good to be back home where they can scream without waking up an entire hotel and there are lots of videos with which to placate them.


Edward Vielmetti said...

Oh Kate! To go that far for a little sunshine and playtime.

Anonymous said...

My sympathies, my sympathies, my sympathies.

It's a sad comment on the airline industry that I thought, while reading your story, well, at least they let you OFF the plane during the four-hour delay (eventually). I'll never understand why they don't discover problems until the plane is boarded. Do they not bother to check the plane beforehand? Is it news to them that a flight is scheduled to take off at a particular time? Or, equally maddening, why they go ahead and board when they're aware of problems that'll delay take off?

Every, and I do mean every, time I travel by plane, the mantra "There has to be a better way" drones on an endless loop in my head. There has to be a better way! Why do we persist with a system that more than half the time provides a deeply unpleasant experience and fails to turn a decent profit (are ANY major carriers doing well financially)? Say it with me: There has to be a better way!