Friday, June 09, 2006

Yes Sir!

Sometimes Mama just has to follow orders.

Yesterday was Ian's in-school birthday celebration (kids with Summer birthdays get assigned a day) and I was fully prepared to make him our standard Mexican Chocolate Cupcakes with a number "6" stenciled on the top in powdered sugar: delicious cake, nice minimalist presentation, easy clean up with no frosting all over the faces of small consumers.

But I was quickly corrected and given my orders by the taller of my little dictators who felt so strongly about the appropriate decoration for a birthday cupcake that he asked for colored pencils and (this from a kid who hates art class) he drew what the cupcake should look like.

And so I had to bury these little beauties:
Under this crap:
To get these horrific-to-my-eyes-utter-bliss-to-an-almost-6-year-old:
You may notice that I was a little skimpy with the sweetened Crisco/canned frosting (yes, I offered to make homemade butter cream and yes, I was firmly rejected). Small victory.

The one heartening thing to which I am clinging right now is that Ian still isn't hung up on gender roles and specifically asked for pink numbers on the top.


Anonymous said...

Kate, I made THE EXACT SAME THING this morning! Des has his "unbirthday" party at school today, and I remembered how scrumptious those cupcakes of yours are, so looked up the recipe and made them. Des insisted on the bucket of frosting (purchased at the last minute from Knight's), and sprinkles. (He wanted me to "write" the number 6 in sprinkles, too, but I declined.) I, too, was stingy with the frosting. Happy non-birthday to Ian!

Anonymous said...

Haha somehow the malprop I read the other day fits 'you can lead a horse to manure but you can't make him drink' or maybe it's 4am and feeding the baby has made me lose it

Anonymous said...

The Z opted for fudge pops this year for her party at school. I am not a very good baker so, sadly, I was thrilled she wanted to take fudge pops.