Monday, May 28, 2007

other people's brains

I'm still waiting for my brain to wake up (though I think I have found the culprit--allergies! My eyes are itchy and my brain is slooooow) so in the mean time, I'll direct you to some people whose brains are not in drug-induced stasis. These are some places I've been visiting lately:
  • La Tartine Gourmand: Exquisitely beautiful food photos and each interesting entry is written in English and French, so you can practice your French literacy of cooking verbs like " Saupoudrez," " Ajoutez," and " Délayez".
  • Mo Willems Doodles: See new sketches and doodles by the illustrator of all things pigeonic.
  • Bent Objects: Check out the witty bended wire sculptures of this artist.
  • Stay up to date on the many crises when it comes to public education in our state at Michigan Parents for Schools.
  • See what you could be eating if you lived in NYC by reading The Girl Who Ate Everything and see what another New Yorker is cooking up with the fine ingredients she buys at Tiny Banquet Committee.
  • Envy and admire two people who split their time between the South of France and NY and eat at fantastic restaurants whose menus they describe and critique in detail at Country Epicure.

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