Saturday, June 02, 2007


Whatever cursed pollen has been making my eyes swell shut seems finally to have stopped its assault. I've been Benadryl-stoned off and on for the last week or so, ever since we went canoe camping over Memorial Day weekend. When we were approaching our camp the first night my eyes started to swell shut--a very pretty look and soooo useful when setting up a tent! Luckily there were two other groups of people canoe camping at the site which gave Fiona plenty of people to go talk to. By the time Brian and I had unloaded the canoe (with me half-blind) everyone knew her first, middle and last name, that she likes to pretend to be Sparkles the Rescue Cat, and that she hoped that someone brought some good graham crackers for smores because her mom had packed the whole-wheat kind and she doesn't like them.

I popped a benadryl and proceeded to become such a space cadet that I missed the campfire and smores entirely. I was floating happily in my tent. (The flonase I take handles all the rest of my allergy symptoms--no sneezing at all--but is useless when it comes to my eyes).

I think I've read some books in the last couple of weeks...but exactly which ones they were I'm a little foggy about. With the drugs, I had the intellectual capacity to handle Fiona's endless requests for the Dolores books by Barbara Samuels, particularly Happy Valentine's Day, Dolores despite the fact that it is now June, but not for much more than that.

It has been kind of fun being so stupid, but also a relief that I no longer want to claw out my eyes, and that I now have the brains again to plan what the hell I'm going to do with my kids when their school ends in two weeks (aaaagh! only two weeks to come up with a plan!)

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Anonymous said...

I too have suffered from the "stuff in the air" lately.

My allergist tells me, I'm better now because the "season" has changed.

We will see.......