Saturday, September 29, 2007

Napoleon was a fatty...

...because he ate a lot of these:
Ok, so my Napoleon is leaning a little bit...but that's because it is soooo full of creamy goodness! I had one with a cup of tea this afternoon and the puff pastry is terrific--super buttery and crisp and sturdy enough to support that quantity of cream.

Yesterday I also made this:
but I didn't get to taste it because it'll be served on the dessert tray in the restaurant. Inside are three layers of vanilla chiffon cake, two layers of Bavarian cream swirled with raspberry sauce and punctuated with fresh raspberries (punctuated is probably the wrong word to use, but that's what it felt like as I poked the raspberries into the Bavarian cream.)

I have a feeling that my family are going to have higher expectations for their birthday cakes once this class is done...I won't be able to get away with churning out a batch of my favorite Mexican Chocolate Cupcakes topped with a powdered sugar stencil.


Susan W said...

Ooooo, Kate. That cake is absolutely beautiful! I wish I lived closer by so I could come over and appreciate your newly developed skills in person! Yum.

Anonymous said...

Will these new creations be available at our local "Four Obsessions" Bakery soon? Your readers want to know.

LinknKnits said...

Wow. That Napoleon looks mouth-wateringly good!