Thursday, November 22, 2007


It is Thanksgiving morning, I should be rolling out pie crust, but what I really want to do is indulge a different greedy urge--reading. I have some recent evidence of my book appetite:
Yup, eight works of fiction I just received from the library. (From the top, Jim Harrison's Returning to Earth, Rudolph Delson's Maynard and Jennica, Valerie Martin's Salvation, Roddy Doyle's Paula Spencer, Ward Just's Forgetfulness, Nancy Horan's Loving Frank, Bobbie Ann Mason's Nancy Culpepper, and Jennifer Gilmore's Golden Country)

And thanks to the suggestion from Jan at Jan's Daily Dish (aka "All the latest from Heavensville..."), I have a new way to a) waste time and b) show off my library addiction on my side bar with the new widget from Library Thing. Cool isn't it? If you want to make one for your blog, go here. Thanks to the Ann Arbor District Library's wonderful web site, I can import the books I have checked out to my account to Library Thing and don't have to go the tedious route of typing in all the titles.

Of course, since I also check out all the kids' books on my card, I do have to go through the list and delete their (many) selections like Ian's latest thrilling read: The Endocrine system, the reproductive system, human development and Fiona's choice: Young naturalist's handbook. Insect-lo-pedia.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kate--your book stack looks like mine :) Our church now has a lending library, so I got some from there. I teach in a K-8 school, and I'm quite fond of sneaking out a few Beverly Cleary or Lois Lowry books. And I am a five minute walk from the Mallett's Creek library branch! To add to the fun, our bar (Corner Brewery) now has books all over the place, for one's reading enjoyment.
Your sister in reading (and cooking),
Patti :)

Unknown said...

Hi Kate,
I am planning a get-together for us food bloggers in the SE Michigan area. We are thinking about having a potluck for a Sunday afternoon High Tea at my place here in Ann Arbor. We haven't set a date yet - we're thinking one Sunday in mid to late January 2008. Please let me know if you are interested at my email holybasil(at)mail(dot)com. Looking forward to hearing from you.