Monday, April 28, 2008


This simply is not the image you want to be confronted with on your writing day. My computer was dead as a doornail on Friday morning and I lost another writing day. I am beginning to suspect that Fridays are crappy days to designate as writing days because it seems like crises pop up and weekends intrude more frequently than other days. But thanks to Brian working on it for hours yesterday he gave the equivalent of PC CPR and it gets a second chance at life.

All my files are now saved to my external hard drive so that if it decides to crash again, I can unplug the drive and plug it into Brian's computer and not freak out. Presently, I am feeling torn between going out and buying a new computer (and a Mac is tempting me highly after the PC crap I dealt with this weekend) and the tightwad urge to keep this one going until it absolutely dies for good.


Joanne said...

I ended up buying an ibook when I started my creative writing masters nearly three years ago. Portable, reliable, no crashes. So when it does die I'd recommend a mac wholeheartedly.

Anonymous said...

Kate, I vote in favor of your getting a new computer. It's an investment in yourself as a writer, and a much-deserved reward for your regular frugality. You've earned it.

As far as Macs in particular, well, since Lou has been the exception that proves the Macs-never-break-down rule, that means YOU won't be the exception!

Anonymous said...

I second mary jeans motion for you to get a new computer!!It is way too important in your life to deal with breakdowns, the unknown if you can write when you have time and now the mistrust of your faithful PC to be healthy.

Sometimes you have to just do it!