Friday, November 14, 2008

5 stupid things I regularly do in the kitchen

I'm starting a new meme! My not-so-little internal self-critical voice is being more chatty than usual lately, so I though it was time to share:

5 Stupid Things I Regularly Do in the Kitchen
  1. Use a metal knife to pry bagels out of the toaster.
  2. Boil stuff over. Particularly beets because the magenta juice is fun to clean off of a white stove top.
  3. Yell at my kids to get their own damn snacks and then realize I've put all of the possible foods out of reach on the top shelves of the cabinets. They can either stack chairs to reach them or they are left with dried beans, rice and flour that they can munch on. Yummy!
  4. Forget to use my potted herbs that sit in the window behind the sink. My rosemary is turning into a shrub and I don't think I've remembered to use it in the past 6 months. I made roast chicken and potatoes last week and forgot--again--to snip off a little. I think I need to equip my herbs with microphones so they can yell at me. And brains. And mouths...
  5. Blame the fridge-that-I-hate for my poor memory and habit of letting vegetables in the crisper liquefy before I remember they are there. I'm sure that one of the $1500+ fridges-that-I-covet-and-will-never-own would poke me or something before the scallions turn to slime.

So please, to the 5 people listed below, help me feel that I am not alone and share with me some of the stupid shit you chew yourself out about, and yet continue to do:

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Shayne said...

LOL I am often pulling slime out of my crisper too. It drives hubby nuts. Last night it was limes I was going to make mojitos again for 2 months, I never got there, I guess I need to drink more often

Laura said...

Ooh--can I play?
1. Reach for the cupboard above my stove while cooking--I have quite literally caught myself on fire this way when wearing a loose shirt...
2. Chop onions while wearing my glasses instead of my contact lenses--a HUGE difference in tear output!
3. Use the microwave to soften butter, forget to check it, and end up with molten butter all over the glass turntable.
4. Turn the disposer on without checking for stray spoons first.
5. Use the tip of a cook's knife for a purpose other than which it was intended (prying something open, etc.), thus breaking off the tip of the expensive knife.

Kate said...

Laura--thank you for sharing the "on fire" bit! I'll keep that one in mind...!

Edward Vielmetti said...

1. Using the tip of a paring knife to try to pry something loose. Result: bent knife tip. Oops.

2. As a kid, I put a plate with a cheese sandwich on top of a hot burner to make grilled cheese. The plate broke. (Haven't done that lately).

3. Cleaned the whole kitchen, congratulated myself on doing it before 2am, and then realized there was another counter full of dirty dishes.

4. Forgot to boil water before making a recipe that required boiling water, thus making the whole thing take that much longer.

5. Generally doing recipe prep out of order, and failing to start the things that take the longest first. There's no count of 7:15p dinners that could have been 6:30p dinners if I had done 1 five minute step at 5:15p when I got off the bus.