Thursday, February 12, 2009

Because they don't sell anatomy valentines in the grocery store...

The critters have Valentine's Day parties in their classes tomorrow. The small critter was content with some wild-life Valentines we found for $2.50 at Meijers, but unfortunately they don't seem to carry anatomy Valentines. What? No demand for a Valentine in the shape of a liver?

The internet to the rescue! Not a liver, but an anatomical heart card thanks to the generosity of Cheeky Magpie. The perfect Valentine in the eyes of my science-nerd son.
Not sure how they'll go down with his classmates, but I have done my crafty-mama duty by helping the kid cut out 30 of them.
Luckily I have discovered and last night I did a whole lot of cutting while catching up on multiple episodes of 24. Nothing like endless "beep-da-da-beep-da-da" to keep the scissors snipping away.

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Anonymous said...

Those are the ROCKINGEST Valentine's I've ever seen!