Friday, May 15, 2009

Just a little update...

I lost my camera for a week which sabotaged plans for food postings. But I found it yesterday under a pile of crap on the desk so look forward to a recipe for a blackberry tart coming soon.

Other tasty tidbits:
  • Most of the restaurants that are participating in the Main Street restaurant week (June 14-19) have posted their menus. Logan and Bella Ciao's look like decent offerings so I might be making some reservations if anyone is interested in getting together. I'm bummed that Pacific Rim and Cafe Zola aren't participating.
  • And a little visual tasty tidbit (now that I downloaded the stuff that was on the lost camera):
The oh-so-satisfying 3-sausage sandwich from Eastern Seafood at Eastern Market in Detroit. I went a couple of weeks ago and bought a flat of herb plants at the market and fulfilled my weekly fat quota by eating one of these before driving back. My sausage selections were: andouille, bratwurst and smoked kielbasa, which was a very tasty combo. (John posted a prettier photo of his sandwich here).


Anonymous said...

We gotta plan for that restaurant week! Let me know which ones and when!!

Jen said...

Thanks so much for the restaurant week info! It looks so great.

Also, I'm heading to Eastern Market in an hour or so, so I may well check out that sandwich myself. YUM!