Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tantre Farm Share, week 7

From Left to Right: (top row) cucumbers, broccoli, yellow zucchini, garlic, epazote, basil
(bottom row) fava beans, beets, swiss chard, sweet onions, green beans

Menu plan:
  • I'm going to use the fava beans in this recipe for linguine with fava beans, garlic, tomato and bread crumbs (and I'll chuck in some of the basil).
  • I'll toast up some pita chips to scoop up this feta cucumber salad; I doubt it will be a part of a meal, more like a good beer-absorbing appetizer.
  • I'll caramelize the onions and use them on a white pizza with goat cheese, olives, basil and fresh thyme, served with this recipe for green beans and (yellow) zucchini with sauce vert. If it is stinking hot, the pizza will get done on the grill.
  • Provided I can stand to turn on the oven in this warm, humid weather I'll make Roasted Beets with Guajillo chile dressing with added swiss chard. It sounds like it would be good with grilled chicken (I want to try a butterflied grilled chicken that is in this month's Food and Wine--no recipe on-line yet; if it's good I'll post it) and baguette.
  • I'll dry the epazote to use later when I cook dry pinto beans.

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