Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tantre Farm Share, week 8

Top row: onions, dill, lots of cucumbers, broccoli, swiss chard
Bottom row: Thai basil, green beans, red potatoes, carrots, summer squash, beets

Menu plan:

A couple of the recipes from last week's menu plan were so good that I'm making them again: the cucumber dill feta salad (this one is tried and true and since we have a bumper crop of cukes this week, it seems wise to have some around for snacking), the beets and chard w/goat cheese and chile dressing (Brian didn't even get to taste this since I loved it so much I didn't save any for him; he's on a work trip this week so once again he misses out!) and the squash and green beans with sauce vert. There was sauce vert leftover which I ended up eating smeared on pieces of baguette with some cheese. I wished I'd had some cold roast beef because the sauce, with its capers and mustard, would make a pretty terrific roast beef sandwich.

Also on the menu this week:
  • Vietnamese rice vermicelli salad w/cucumber, thai basil, carrots, sweet onion, blanched green beans, tofu and peanuts with nuoc cham dressing.
  • At least one other stem of the thai basil will get planted with my potted herbs so I can have it to use later in the summer (a nice benefit of getting the basil with its roots).
  • Some of the potatoes and one of the cucumbers will go into this German-ish style potato cucumber salad; it sounds like it would be good with grilled sausages.
  • The rest of the potatoes and the broccoli will get roasted w/a soy butter sauce. I'll pair it with either marinated and grilled chicken or tofu.
  • It looks like I'll still have a couple of cukes left so I think I'll make a jar of bread and butter tarragon refrigerator pickles. Normally, I'm a lacto-fermented type pickle eater, but these pickles are really good with summer bbq or on a turkey burger so it'll be good to have a jar on hand.

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Anonymous said...

I'm really at love with the "refrigerator pickle". Tasty, easy and they tend to hold for a relatively long time.