Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Canning time

The critters are back at school (whoo hoo!) and I went a little cuckoo this morning at the farmer's market:
In addition to my regular bountiful farm share, I purchased a peck of peach 2nds, a peck of tomato 2nds and some additional peppers. The first will go into peach jam and the second and third will go into salsa. Last year I made my own salsa for the first time and it has totally ruined me for the store bought stuff.

I already have peeled and frozen some tomatoes and slow roasted and froze some other tomatoes and roasted some red peppers from previous weeks of the farm share so I'm hoping to experiment with some different batches. If I come up with a phenomenal new combination, I'll share the recipe.

So today, while the critters are easing themselves back into the school year, I'll be steaming up the house, peeling and skinning and chopping these fruits. I've loaded up my iPod with a bunch of my favorite podcasts and an audiobook that I've been meaning to listen to. And I'll try not to get so deeply involved that I forget to pick up the critters at the end of the school day...):


Anamaria (bookstogether) said...

I love to read about everyone's back-to-school rituals--mine involve attempting to restore some order to the house, but mmm, peach jam. Or even peach salsa.

Hey, didn't you have a manuscript for me??

Susan W said...

Oooo, so jealous! I love making my own's divine. And peach jam sounds fabulous! I'm always a sucker for making my own concord grape jam. Farmer's market for me tomorrow!

Have a fun day with the canning!