Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Tantre Farm Share, week 2

Top row: Red Russian kale, radishes, garlic scapes, spinach, asparagus, komatsuna (spinach mustard)
Bottom row: haruki turnips, 4 heads of lettuce, black stemmed peppermint, scallions

Menu plan:
  • The garlic scapes will go into garlic scape pesto which has become far and away my favorite pesto. I'll toss it with some pasta and the asparagus and the turnip greens which get chucked into the pasta water for the last minute or so of cooking.
  • I'm thinking of using the kale in this kale salad with toasted coconut, probably with quinoa instead of farro since my better half has requested that we go gluten-free for a while.
  • The radishes will get turned into quick ginger radish pickles.
  • I love the haruki turnips so much but will try and not be a selfish cow. I'm tempted to eat them all for lunch today, but Brian loves them too. They'll probably get braised with a little butter and some poppy seeds. 
  • The komatsuna and spinach will be stir fried with ground turkey, shallots, fish sauce, lime and scallions and then plopped on top of a bed of lettuce to make a bastardized version of Thai pork salad (Larb Mu).
  • Any remaining lettuce and scallions will go into green salads for lunches for the week.
  • The black stemmed peppermint will be made into the most refreshing iced tea ever which will be good for these crazy 90 degree days we're having now.


Melanie said...

Got our first box yesterday. Rosemary plant, eggs, cabbage, zuchinni, and yellow squash. Zuchinni patties and grilled rosemary chicken for dinner tonight.

Susan W said...

the kale salad with toasted coconut is fabulous - from the super natural cooking cookbook that I adore!! Just be careful you don't burn the coconut (I did on my first pass) :)