Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 16

From Left: 4 ears of corn, 3 beets and greens, broccoli florets, 3 green zebra tomatoes, 2 big red tomatoes, eggplant, green beans, watermelon, delicata squash, red and green peppers, red onion, scallions

Menu plans:

  • the corn I plan to cook and then refrigerate and add it to the following:
    • kale, corn and white bean Caesar salad (I made this three times last week--it holds up great as a next-day lunch salad.)
    • added to a plain old batch of chili that the kids will eat 
    • added to this quinoa salad that also uses the green beans and some of the red onion
  • one of the big tomatoes will be used for my new favorite (very messy sandwich): toasted Ed's bread multigrain bread slathered with mayo, then layered with big slices of super ripe tomato, sliced hard boiled egg, and pickled hot peppers.
  • the broccoli florets, green and red peppers and scallions will go into a stir fry to be served with miso-butter tofu and some brown rice.
  • I'll roast cubes of the eggplant in olive oil and toss them with the green zebra tomatoes, some garlic, and balsamic and use it to top pasta with some pine nuts and parmesan.
  • The beets, the last big red tomato and the rest of the red onion will probably get turned into a big greek salad, maybe with some grilled chicken, or maybe plain.
  • I'm going to set aside the delicata squash until I get some more roast-able vegetables (more squash, potatoes, cauliflower, onions, etc.) and then make a big pile of roasted vegetables topped with feta, parsley and lemon.
  • If you happen to have some huge leaves of chard (one of Brian's coworkers dropped off a big bag of the stuff) then I recommend making these chard-wrapped, Greek yogurt pies. I made them last week and they are delicious, delicate and pretty darn easy.

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