Saturday, September 03, 2016

Week 15

We were out of town last week so we now leap ahead to CSA Share Week 15

Clockwise from bottom left: cherry tomatoes, kale, two mini heads of cabbage, two onions, three jalapeƱos, broccoli florets, wax beans, five tomatoes (three of them are huge!), small bunch of basil, three sweet red peppers


  • One of the huge tomatoes and the basil will get mixed with some corn that's been cut off the cob in a salad.
  • The wax beans (about half of what there were in the share are pictured above. I got hungry and ate the rest before I remembered to take the photo), one of the mini cabbages, a jalapeno and some thai basil that is growing on my deck will be stir fried with ground pork, diced firm tofu, ginger and garlic, served with rice.
  • I think I'll roast the red peppers and make a salad with the cherry tomatoes, garlic, sherry vinegar and olive oil, maybe serve it on baguette slices with some shaved parmesan on top.
  • Another huge tomato, an onion and a jalapeno will get mixed with cilantro and lime juice to make pico de gallo which will be served with some shredded raw cabbage, grilled chicken, black beans, and brown rice.
  • No idea what I'll do with the kale and broccoli--there isn't really enough of either one to be a star player so they'll have to play nice together somehow.


Edward Vielmetti said...

If you have even more corn, the mixture of kale and corn is a good one (so says Deb who has put this on our menu for the week).

Kate said...

Great Idea! I'm thinking shredded kale with cannellini beans and corn in an anchovy, lemon, mustard vinaigrette!