Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Just some really lovely things

Today I don't have enough to say about any one thing, so I'm sharing a few lovely things that I've discovered.

I loved reading this (edited) twitter thread about a hypothetical Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan murder mystery series. I would watch this in a heartbeat.

If you or someone you live with is feeling crafty and restless, check out the tutorials on Creativebug. If you have an AADL library card, you can get free access to the whole site via this link. I had fun reviving old embroidery skills on a pair of jeans that needed some mending (and now have decorative mending!) using videos from the woman who does the dropcloth samplers that I've long admired. I might dabble around a little with some watercolors later.

I've found a new podcast that I adore: Marlon and Jake Read Dead People. Booker Prize winning author Marlon James and his editor, Jake Morrissey, have wonderful conversations about books by dead people. No living authors are included because they are brutally honest in their opinions and criticism. It is heaven for English majors, or really, anyone who loves books. They just finished the first season so you can binge listen (and then maybe get a digital copy of some of the books.)

Yes, like everyone else cooped up at home with a bag of flour, I am planning to make sourdough. I'm using brown rice flour and instructions from this lovely gluten free cookbook that I ordered from Bookbound at the start of this confinement. I'm on day 4 of building my starter and I think that baking day will be day 7 or thereabouts.
Go little yeasties! Go!

This Thursday evening you will find me on my couch streaming the National Theater Live production of One Man, Two Govnors starting James Cordon which they are airing on YouTube. I saw it when it was playing in the theater and it is the perfect choice for these times: deeply ridiculous and farcical with one of the best-natured stars you can hope to watch. It will only be available for one week starting on April 2 (there will be a different play available the following week) so set aside the time to watch it and laugh.

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