Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Welcome Green Zebra!

I present to you my first ripe Green Zebra of the year:
You can tell a Green Zebra is ripe when the background flesh becomes yellowish and the stripes stand out as bright green.
And here is how it was consumed this morning:
That's a Zingerman's bagel with cream cheese, sliced red onion, a sprinkling of cayenne pepper, the green zebra, ground black pepper and a little salt. Oh yum yum yum. Washed down with a cup of strong black coffee. The tomato's flavor is sharp and lemony--a high acid tomato, which I love dearly. It is also rather juicy.

My breakfast cravings alternate between the black coffee/savory bagel combo and the latte/snooty sounding tartine de confiture (simply a baguette with butter and apricot jam) combo. Now that the zebras have arrived in town, I'll be leaning towards the former combo.

And speaking of Zingerman's bagels, today is Tuesday which means buy 6 get 6 free bagels (if I can get there in time before they all sell out). Really the only affordable way to enjoy a good bagel on a regular basis.


Julie said...

Hi Kate,

Just wanted to let you know I finally did make Sauce Bearnaise this afternoon. It went pretty well, though it did curdle at the very end. I think I had the heat a little too high, and my attention was briefly but unavoidably elsewhere at the critical moment. However, I whisked in a little half and half and it worked perfectly. Tasted great on our London Broil. I will definitely make it again.

And I also wanted to tell you that I tried your mango lassi recipe. It was good too, but a little watery (because of the ice?). Next time I may leave out some of the water. The kids loved it. Thanks again for sharing the recipe.

That bagel looks sooooo delicious!


Kate said...

That's funny because I made the Lassi for Lynne (freddyknits.blogspot.com) and she thought it was too rich--she ended up putting hers back in the blender with more ice to water it down a bit.

Guess we all have some ideal Lassi consistency we are shooting for!