Monday, September 18, 2006

Week 3

This is the third week of school for Ian and I still feel like I'm in the middle of a whirlwind. For anyone else who needs a little Monday morning levity, I send you to this informative explication of The History and Geopolitical Importance of Pie.

Many thanks to Brian Pinkelman for bringing this overlooked piece of scholarship to my attention.

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Anonymous said...

Pie, mmmmmm, delicious! I'm sure you noticed that Mark Bittman in the NYTimes came out in favor of cobbler over pie in his Minimalist column recently. As a lover of pie who is completely inept at piecrust, I am in complete agreement with him: feed me pie, but let me feed you cobbler!

Relatedly - one of my grandmother's signature dishes was her American apple pie. This was the sign that after emigrating from Poland, she had truly assimilated.