Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Tantre farm share, week 16 (plus a bunch of interlopers)

When you have recently returned from a camping trip, fresh food is really irresistible. That's part of the reason that I got a little greedy today at the market and supplemented my farm share with some interlopers.
The far left side of the table contains the interlopers (from bottom to top): Zingerman's Paesano bread, a huge eggplant, 3 peaches, a head of lettuce, a quart of raspberries, a pound of Roo's Roast and a bottle of Greek olive oil from Sparrow market.
The rest of the table is taken over by the farm share (roughly left to right): big bag of green beans, bunch of tatsoi, carrots, insane quantity of basil, daikon radishes, big cipollini onion, cherry tomatoes, regular tomatoes, potatoes, bunch of thyme, red peppers and Italian kale.

I'm really not going to have trouble putting this week's share away. Vegetables taste so damn good after a week of mostly dehydrated stuff! (But it was worth the culinary sacrifice for the wealth of amphibian life the girl critter was able to find).

So, here's what the menu plan is for the week:
  • You can't get a better time for my favorite eggplant salad--eggplant, red peppers, cherry tomatoes, mint and feta perfection.
  • For lunch, the daikon greens will get sauteed with garlic and lemon and heaped on top of slabs of the paesano bread and drizzled with the grassy Greek olive oil.
  • Tomorrow's dinner will be bi bim bop with: tatsoi, daikon, carrots, and a few green beans with bulgoki beef and kim chi (a couple of people have asked me for a recipe, which is probably a little more formal than what you'd call what I make, but I'll try to document the basic preparation and assemblage.)
  • On the weekend, I'm thinking grilled steak and grilled tomatoes with basil sauce--sort of like pesto but a little less pasty--with roasted potatoes *Update* Noelle posted a beautiful looking herbed potato salad that I'll try instead; now I won't have to turn on the oven at all!
  • I already made (and consumed two pieces of) this raspberry tart. (Hey, raspberries get moldy really quickly so I had to take action...)
  • They aren't long beans, but some of the green beans should adapt well enough to this SE Asian long bean salad treatment. I haven't figured out what to serve with it--maybe it's time to remember how to make pad thai again.
  • I'll probably make the kale into this salad. Meagan made it once for book group and it was terrific and I think it would make a great lunch with more of that paesano bread.
  • and finally, more pesto for freezing in ice cube trays.

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noƫlle {simmer down!} said...

I would be delighted if you tried the potato salad, my dear! Let me know how it turns out. Your eggplant salad sounds pretty stellar too.