Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tantre farm share, week 17

From left to right and vaguely bottom to top: Basil, hot peppers, squash, kale, big bunch of parsley, cherry and grape tomatoes, cabbage, two wee eggplant, 2 qts green beans, spicy salad mix, lots of red peppers, red onions, 3 small heads of lettuce, 5 ears of corn, carrots

Menu plan:
  • Last week I didn't get around to making the long bean salad (I ended up just steaming beans and tossing with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper) so this week's green beans will get that treatment. I'll serve it with stir fried tofu, red peppers and eggplant and some rice.
  • Fish tacos will use some of the cabbage, some of the corn cut off the cob and some of my homemade salsa*.
  • Ina Garten's perfect roast chicken will get roasted on a bed of carrots and last week's huge cipollini onion (I plan to substitute the squash for the fennel in the recipe and don't think the chicken needs butter rubbed into the skin), served with some salad.
  • The rest of corn will be prepared Mexican style--grilled on the cob with mayo, chili pepper, pecorino, cilantro and lime juice--and served with turkey burgers and salad.
  • Some of the red peppers will get roasted and packed in a jar with olive oil (or some other preservation method? Must look into the best method.)
  • I like the looks of this recipe for basil rubbed pork chops with blue cheese and nectarines and will try to adapt it to a pork tenderloin I have in the freezer, a lot more basil than the recipe calls for and the last few Michigan peaches that I still have. Probably served with some form of kale.
  • I'll have a big bowl of salad always ready for lunch to use up all the nice lettuce.
  • The bounteous quantity of parsley will get split between a batch of Sarah's hummus and a batch of parsley heavy tabbouleh.
  • The red onions will get pickled using Orangette's recipe.
* Recipe for and pictures of the salsa coming in the next post. This would also be a good week to make it, what with the ample quantity of red and hot peppers, so long as you can lay your hands on a peck of tomato seconds.


Sarah said...

grab some of my mint if you want to add to your tabouli, though i forgot, your have some.

Shayne said...

impressed with mexican corn because that sure is how they eat it here.