Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tantre Farm Share, week 4

I think this is the week to try making lettuce soup.

You're going to have to trust me on the bounty because blogger is being persnickity about uploading my photo of this week's share. You can see it here on flickr if you're really interested. About a quarter of my dining room table is taken up with lettuce: three HUGE heads, two green, one red, of leaf lettuce and a big bag of more young green leaf lettuces. Seriously, one of the green heads weighed in at 1 lb 5 oz...

Also included in the share:
a little bunch of cilantro, a quart of strawberries, a bunch of rainbow chard, a bunch of haruki turnips and greens, a small bunch of asparagus, a large bunch of summer onions (sort of like scallions on steroids), large quantity of garlic scapes and a bag of snap peas.

Menu plan:

  • Lettuce soup. There are a ton of recipes for this on the web. I'll probably go with a version that uses a lot of scallions and chicken broth and a little bit of potato to give it some heft. Then some creme fraiche and sauteed garlic scapes to top it. Maybe a little cilantro too if it fits the flavor profile, other wise I have some tarragon out back that I think would be good.
  • Speaking of sauteed garlic scapes: most mornings I'm sautéing up a couple in a little olive oil and then making an omelet with them and feta and a couple of dashes of Clancy's Fancy
  • Any remaining garlic scapes will be processed into pesto and frozen for the winter.
  • I love snap pea's sauteed in a little butter and finished with chopped mint, black pepper and a little sea salt. Brian will have to fight me for them.
  • Yea! Chard! I've been hankering to make the beet/chard/chile/goat cheese combo again, though I'm craving chard as the star of the show and fewer beets (since I only have a couple in the fridge). If there's any cilantro left by then, I'll probably chop up a little as a garnish.
  • Turnips, greens and asparagus sound like a good combo for a sauteed side dish for something meaty--pork tenderloin maybe?
  • And, of course, salad. Lots and lots of salad. And if we eat all the salad we can and still have lettuce left, I might try this lettuce sauce which sounds like it would be good with poached salmon.

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